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Try Googling “How to Start a Business” and you’ll find pages upon pages of advice, with lists of tools you must use.  But let’s dig in to what you really need to get started.

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Something to Sell.  What is it that you’re going to provide to those you serve?  Whether it be a service or a product, or both, as long as you have something to offer (that people want), you’ve taken a step towards having business.

Someone to Sell To.  So you’ve got your product or service, now you need to sell to someone.  This means talking about what you can provide and and offering it when appropriate.  If you’ve listened to episode 7, Thinking of Yourself as an Entrepreneur, this is a key step in the process, and in operating a profitable business.

A Way to Take Payment. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but you need to be able to get money in exchange for your products or services.  If your business is done in person, you could just get a cash box. Online, you’ll need either your own payment processor or to use an established platform like Etsy or Amazon FBA.

Are there other pieces to owning a business?  Sure. But to get started, you need just 3 things.

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No matter what you\'re planning for your side hustle, whether it\'s working at home, running parties, or if you\'re looking to make some passive income, there are only 3 things your really need to get started.

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