Hey Teach, I’m Stacey!

I’ve been a full-time teacher since 2001, teaching music to students in pre-school through high school, but my heart belongs in middle school.  Yep, I’m crazy about my hormonal, angsty pre-teens… or I’m just crazy.  Either way, I love what I do.  Like many of you, I feel like being a teacher is more than a job.

Still, in 2012 I decided to try my hand at something else.  Direct sales.

I was awful.

It was bad.

I quit.

But before I quit, as a last ditch effort, I started a blog… and I really liked it!  And once I stopped posting nonsense about my direct sales company that wasn’t going to happen, other people started to like it, too.  When I actually made some money from AdSense, I was hooked.

And, when I say money, I mean $2.  True story.  My first month of AdSense made me $2.11.

Today that blog, Creating My Happiness, is still active and making consistent money for my family.

Since my blog took off I have tried another direct sales company (meh) and started a private coaching business and podcast (love ’em).

Along the way a made a lot of mistakes, wasted a lot of time, and spent some stupid money, and learned that I am a multipassionate person.  That’s why Side Hustle Teachers was born.  Because…


I want to live in a world where teachers…

  • Have enough money to pay their bills, save for a rainy day, and afford nice things, like vacations and heat.
  • Have the mental, physical, and temporal ability to pursue their passions.

I strongly believe…

  • That the teacher as martyr expectation is harmful to teaching, teachers, and kids.
  • Teachers should be not only allowed, but encouraged to pursue outside interests.

I am committed to…

  • Helping teachers move beyond their limits, real and self-imposed, to create a life that is balanced, financially stable, and fulfilling in every way.
  • Being an advocate for my colleagues who feel trapped and optionless.